Saturday, December 17, 2005


I want you to sign in on neopets so i can git cool stuff.It's vary cool and it is free!And fun.

so long and thaks for the fish!!!!!

Friday, December 16, 2005


Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it ice?

Well, it doesn't seem like there will be any snow. It seems like there will only be ice. That's a little good, because, I can give icicles to everybody in the neighborhood. Because good icicles don't grow anywhere else except in our yard. Everybody likes our back yard. In the summer, it;s really fun to play in, and in the spring, there's honeysuckles, which everyone loves. In the fall, leaves don't fall, so, you don't have to rake it. In the winter, it is way better than all of those. It's like a Winter Wonderland.

I wonder when the ice storm is going to hit.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

alligator hat


I may have rheumatic fever. But we don't know if it's really rheumatic fever or not. I'm feeling better at day but horrible at night. I hate my immune system. It's not doing it's job. Lazy! Well the cat she might is going to blind herself by looking at the sun all the time. She's not that smart, but she's cute.

I got a new dragonolgy handbook. I think there are more dragonology books, but I'm not sure. Maybe there isn't. Maybe Candlewick press can't find all of them. Well, I hate this sickness whatever it is. It might be a new undiscovered sickness.

We have a grandfather clock hanging up and it ticked only for 5 minutes. It fell of the wall at my grandmother's house and now it's beautiful but it doesn't work at all. We need to take it to the clorck shop and man I love that place.

And the leaves outside are changing color and they should have already changed colors. And the kitty likes it because the sun shines.

Bye for now.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Continued from earlier

This will be hard to say. I kinda have something sorta close to scarlet fever -- Ok, now let's make it short and simple...
I have rheumatic fever, sorta kinda. It makes having your tonsils out hurt more and heal slower. It makes me tired and it hurts to yawn. In fact it hurts to do almost anything. I've been getting lots of card and comments and stuff. That's nice. Really nice. I got special candy yesterday. And some more cards -- and inside a goody bag I got I got a special card with a gravestone on the front that says "Trick or treat" and has a ghost on the inside with some candy and it's cute. And it says "Boo".

I couldn't go Trick or treating, so people like my cousin and sister went trick or treating for me. They got me lots of candy but Daddy hid some of it this morning and he hid my Reese's which are my favorite candy of all time. I will haunt you, Daddy!! OOooooooo.

I felt really bad on Sunday and we went to the hospital and I cried a lot. And my tummy hurt. and my tongue REALLY hurts and my tastebuds have fallen off.

You don't wanna be me!

More later.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My Tonsils are out and I'm miserable

I had tonsillitis. It makes your tonsils big and puffy. And your adnoids too. So I went the hospital for a blood test on Wednesday and they took blood. Then on Friday that week I wore up very early but later than usual and I went to the hospital. They gave me a gown and socks with rubber things on the bottom. They gave me a warm blanket and I mean like they put it in the microwave or something like that. Then they gave me a remote and said to use this button to change channel and it was one button and you if you pressed the button it would only go up one channel.

So I wanted to look at my 3 favorite channels and it's really slow. I kept clicking and it would go past the channels. It was really annoying. We watched the animal planet a lot. And there was another button that had a picture ofa nurse on it that was red and the nurse said if you need me just mash that button.

A few minutes later, two nurses came in and gave me this disgusting tasting medicine that tasted like the medicine I took when I was 3 and it was yellow and it tasted terrible. And if you put it in the colgne for boys that boys spray everywhere and I don't know what is called but it starts with an "A" if you put it in there boys would still wear it because boys like to smell terrible.

And I saw a commercial for the Magic Bullet and I really want one even if I don't cook and a donut express because it makes healthy donuts. Isn't that silly? Healthy donuts?

And I saw Animal Planet and I saw a naturalist on Animal Planet. I want to be a naturalist but not one who has cheetah tattoos all over their body and runs around naked acting like a cheetah and lives in a trailer with no toliet, buy canned meat and drinks dirty water that other animals drink our of.

More later.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

My Story

We were fishing for lobster and oysters and we didn’t have any luck. So we went out further and the waves were rough and they took us out further to sea. We were lost so we were looking for land. We bumped into a large floating island, bigger than Australia near South America. And explored to see if there was anybody and we didn’t find anybody. We were on a nail carp. And then we went out father and see those hill and we didn’t know what to call them so we called the Paw Hills because they looked like paws sticking out of the ground. We stumbled across some giant dandelions. Then we found these huge mountains.

We found a valley with huge dandelions. We climbed the mountains and at the top we found the Serengeti. And we found Tiger-snakes, Cheetah-flies and the dreaded Lion-Eagle. The Lion-Eagle has claws so sharp that they could cut me in half with one swoop. We found a giant pack of Lion-Eagles and the king of them all huge enormous wings. The guard Lion-Eagles swooped down at us like peregrine falcons. We left there alive except that me friend was missing part of her pinkie. We stopped and make camp. It was hard to sleep at night because Cheetah-flies were buzzing all over. At morning we went to a watering hole and found fish for breakfast. This is an unusual breakfast because most people don’t have fish for breakfast. Hey, you would have fish for breakfast if you were stranded on an island with only one fish-filled watering hole.

Then after breakfast were heard “Thump thump thump thump” and it was an entire herd of Bat-Elephants. Their wings were giant. We ran away and accidentally left the fire. Then we came back and put the fire out later. And then we ran away again.
After this we went to a thing that looks like a neck that goes into a head. There were loads of water everywhere. So we were thirsty by them and we drank lots of water. Since there are no toilets, well, you get the idea. We washed our clothes including our underwear. It’s important to wear clean underwear. After we cleaned our clothes, we went exploring around the part of land that looked like a head. We found grasslands with lots of rivers. So many rivers that, think of it this way, we would never run out of fresh water! But the river lands were like the Serengeti, hard brutal and unforgiving. We stumbled along tiger-snakes, a mother , a father , and five little babies! We were going to be attacked, until a weird- looking native threw his spear at the tiger-snakes and got the momma’s tail. The tiger – snakes ran away as fast as they could, leaving waste behind.,

The native had tied up hair, with a feather from a lion- eagle’s wing stuck in his hair. It looks like he mixed powder and water together to make a paste and wiped it across his cheeks with his fingers. He began weeping. I asked him “what’s wrong” and he began speaking in gibberish. I told him “ I can’t understand a word your saying”. Then he almost said something in English I could almost understand him. He said “folouge”. So we followed him. Then he led us to his tribe. They could almost speak English, they sounded like they were a little bit British.

They brought us to their idol, the worlds’ largest blade of grass. That night we snuck out of their strange tribe and we passed two lakes and called them the eye lakes. Then we came across a bigger lake and we called it lake mouth. There were two mountains, that looked like teeth, so we called them mouth mountains. After we passed the brutal Serengeti we found a strange peninsula with a big dry desert. At the end there was a huge jungle and we saw another tiger snake. He tried to attack us. I thought we were doomed, but then the tribe found us and saved our lives. They gave us food and water and gave us a boat so we could get back home.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

I'm Snoopy!

You are Snoopy!

Which Peanuts Character are You?
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I thought I was Franklin, but I'm Snoopy!
Yeah! Who's Franklin?

sad sunday

I have posse of 3 -- strongK and cleverK and me. StrongK is really strong, she gives the greatest hugs, well not better than me and cleverK is really really clever. And I'm the smart part. And everyone in this posse gives great hugs. At KidMo we run to the front and dance our hearts out. Well not litereally. And I do the worm dance. And today our friend strange girl and danced with us and my mom felt horrible and the cat wasn't friendly this morning. cleverK wasn't there today and when we were going to my favorite resturant I wasn't hungry. Everybody in my chruch has shingles. It's just a sad sad sunday.

Well, I had to acolotye and the acolyte lady who helps us and my mom weren't there so I had to figure it all out by myself. It's just a sad sad sunday.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

My pirate picture

This is my first blog entry

Here's my dog Maggie. She's really cute and she likes to eat treats and jump and pant. I have a lazy cat that eats, sleeps, barfs and poops. Oh yeah and pee. I like to call her walnut head because her brain is the size of a walnut. And I have one betta fishy whose nickname is "Eatsalot" and my mom she has rabbit fur collars handing up with the pots. That's strange. Not many people have rabbit fur collars hanging up with pots. I like animals. I have only two grandparents. I have a sister named Chaos. Here's her blog.

My mommy has a llama named Tina. You do not want to know where that name came from. It a too bad joke. It's seriously horrible joke. Seriously.

Here's Maggie.

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