Tuesday, November 08, 2005

alligator hat


JoKeR said...

that's an amazing hat! it looks like you're feeling a little better. I hope so. I've been enjoying your blog. Peace and healing to you!

see-through faith said...

hey how are you doing now?

Kathryn said...

Hi Entropy..sorry it's been a while since I dropped in, but I hope maybe you've done a bit of serious recovery while I've been away. Still thinking of you, specially in your new role as a crocodile...which is, after all, quite a close relative of all things dragonish!

Bad Alice said...

I like your hat. Are you feeling better? I want you to get back all your energy in time for the holidays.

Lorna said...


sorry I shouted that - but wanted to be sure you'd hear it all the way over there.

Lorna said...

hey entrophy

I heard about those fingers! Hope you are ok.

Are you still able to feed the puppy? How's the croc too btw?

I'm sorry you've had such a horrible autumn.

Kathryn said...

I'm having a "poorly day" myself today, so I thought I'd drop in and see how you were....Your mum hasn't said too much about you recently, so I'm hoping you're back to normal and busy with all sorts of lovely Christmas things at school. When does your school term end? My kids break up on Friday, so they can spend all next week getting ready for Christmas (which is just as well, as their mum certainly isn't ready at all) and tonight we're going to their Christmas concert. It's the first time since my big girl, Luci, left school..so it will be funny just looking out for the boys. They are both singing, and TeenWonder is playing flute and piccolo while LoudBoy plays clarinet. Hope I feel better enough to really enjoy them by this evening.
Hugs xx

see-through faith said...

Poorly days here in Finland too .

Our darling daughter DD has had flu. The kind that makes her grumpy and blowing her nose all the time, but not so ill that she sleeps a lot, so she's restless.

And you know the most horrible thing of all. Our schools don't break up until Decemeber 23rd !! Given that Christmas Eve is THE big day here - where we eat too much and exchange gifts (though cos I'm English we have stockings too that night and presents that come in the post the next morning before Christmas church) anyway can you imagine how stressful that is for both the students and their teachers. School on 23rd. What a grinch the school board planners must be (grin)

Hope you are better.

susie said...

Hey Merry Christmas!!!
How are you feeling?
Hope you and your beautiful family are great!