Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My Tonsils are out and I'm miserable

I had tonsillitis. It makes your tonsils big and puffy. And your adnoids too. So I went the hospital for a blood test on Wednesday and they took blood. Then on Friday that week I wore up very early but later than usual and I went to the hospital. They gave me a gown and socks with rubber things on the bottom. They gave me a warm blanket and I mean like they put it in the microwave or something like that. Then they gave me a remote and said to use this button to change channel and it was one button and you if you pressed the button it would only go up one channel.

So I wanted to look at my 3 favorite channels and it's really slow. I kept clicking and it would go past the channels. It was really annoying. We watched the animal planet a lot. And there was another button that had a picture ofa nurse on it that was red and the nurse said if you need me just mash that button.

A few minutes later, two nurses came in and gave me this disgusting tasting medicine that tasted like the medicine I took when I was 3 and it was yellow and it tasted terrible. And if you put it in the colgne for boys that boys spray everywhere and I don't know what is called but it starts with an "A" if you put it in there boys would still wear it because boys like to smell terrible.

And I saw a commercial for the Magic Bullet and I really want one even if I don't cook and a donut express because it makes healthy donuts. Isn't that silly? Healthy donuts?

And I saw Animal Planet and I saw a naturalist on Animal Planet. I want to be a naturalist but not one who has cheetah tattoos all over their body and runs around naked acting like a cheetah and lives in a trailer with no toliet, buy canned meat and drinks dirty water that other animals drink our of.

More later.


the reverend mommy said...

You are fabulous!

Stacey said...

Although you are miserable, your blogging is still very entertaining! Hope you feel better soon! (eat lots of ice cream)

terri c said...

I'm so sorry you are miserable. I hope you feel better soon. Please keep blogging--I love reading your stuff! I'll give Maggie a dog treat.

susie said...

I love this story!!!
You crack me up, girly!
I don't want to run around like a cheetah either!

terri c said...

Dear Entropy, your mommy has just posted that you have rheumatic fever. I am so very sorry. You must feel awful this minute, and I am praying and hoping that your medicine will work fast and you'll be feeling much better soon. I'll go give Maggie some puppy treats for you.

Lorna said...

hey greetings from Finland

Hope you are soon well enough to feed Maggi again. Sure she misses playing with you

I love your blog. Your description of the naturalist is great :) and made me laugh

nasty tasty medicine! it was like that when I was 9 and that was years ago - you'd have thought they'd have improved it by now.

get well soon, but hope your bed rest will mean you can blog a bit too :)

and we're praying for you and mommy.

Carolyn said...

get well soon, sweet one. i'm praying for you and for your mommy.


Running2Ks said...

Feel better soon. Lorna told me about your pain. You are one funny kid, and I pray you get well fast.

will smama said...

Feel better!

Hope said...

Praying for you from northern Canada. I hope you get better fast without having to take anymore nasty medicine.

Anonymous said...

Feel better soon!

Tonya said...

Any friend of Lorna's is a friend of mine! I like your blog, but I am so sorry you are not well. I have to girls too, they are 6 and 3. So I know how it feels to be sick and I know how it feels to be a mommy and want your sick little girl to be better. Good job taking the yucky medicine!

I'm praying all the way from Minnesota, USA that God will heal you soon. Do all that you can to help Him to do His job!

Lorna said...

If laughing hurts - don't read any further entrophy! ok?

but I think Maggi will LOVE this :)

A sign was hanging in an office window. It read:

Help wanted.
Must type 70 words a minute.
Must be computer literate.
Must be bilingual.
An equal opportunity employer.

A dog was ambling down the street and saw the sign. He looked at it for a moment, pulled it down with his mouth, and walked into the manager's office, making it clear he wished to apply for the job.

The office manager laughed and said, "I can't hire a dog for this job."

The dog pointed to the line: "An equal opportunity employer."

So the manager said, "OK, take this letter and type it." The dog went off to the word processor and returned a minute later with the finished letter, perfectly formatted.

The manager said, "Alright, here's a problem. Write a computer program for it and run it."

Fifteen minutes later, the dog came back with the correct answer.

The manager still wasn't convinced. "I still can't hire you for this position. You've got to be bilingual."

The dog looked up at the manager and said, "Meow."

:) have a great day - getting better!