Tuesday, November 08, 2005


I may have rheumatic fever. But we don't know if it's really rheumatic fever or not. I'm feeling better at day but horrible at night. I hate my immune system. It's not doing it's job. Lazy! Well the cat she might is going to blind herself by looking at the sun all the time. She's not that smart, but she's cute.

I got a new dragonolgy handbook. I think there are more dragonology books, but I'm not sure. Maybe there isn't. Maybe Candlewick press can't find all of them. Well, I hate this sickness whatever it is. It might be a new undiscovered sickness.

We have a grandfather clock hanging up and it ticked only for 5 minutes. It fell of the wall at my grandmother's house and now it's beautiful but it doesn't work at all. We need to take it to the clorck shop and man I love that place.

And the leaves outside are changing color and they should have already changed colors. And the kitty likes it because the sun shines.

Bye for now.


Kathryn said...

Hi Entropy
So sorry that you are having a miserable time at night still...I wish we could make your immune system wake up quickly and do what it's supposed to. Lots of prayers that it remembers its proper purpose very soon.
It was lovely that you visited my blog...the dogs and I would love it if you were close enough to come visiting irl. My husband mends clocks as his job, so that's another reason why it would be fun if you were all alot closer.
It has rained and rained here today, so our cats are all hiding inside looking very indignant, as they know they ought to be able to chase the autumn leaves as they fall..and I guess they are worried that the rain will bring all the leaves down before they've had a chance to play with them. It's a kind of nice problem to have...
Take care, have a hug with your mommy with love from me xx

Lorna said...

hi entrophy

I thought of Kathryn's husband when you wrote about the clock - wouldn't it be fun to take it to England to get it fixed when you are feeling better.

I love your alligator hat - just saw the pic.

our puppy (or actually she's a teenager now in dog years) is a bit poorly. We went out for a very long walk today but still she wouldn't eat.

I wonder if I should take her to the vet?

all our leaves have fallen off the trees already here. It's pretty dark here now, with only about 8 hours of daylight and by late December we'll have only six. Isn't that horrid and there I was trying to cheer you up!

praying for that immune system to wake up and do its work!

love Lorna

Kathryn said...

Hi Entropy
Hope you are now feeling miles better, and getting involved in lots of exciting plans for Christmas.
Tell your mum to give you a hug from me,and then you give her one in return.
Lots of love