Tuesday, November 08, 2005

alligator hat


I may have rheumatic fever. But we don't know if it's really rheumatic fever or not. I'm feeling better at day but horrible at night. I hate my immune system. It's not doing it's job. Lazy! Well the cat she might is going to blind herself by looking at the sun all the time. She's not that smart, but she's cute.

I got a new dragonolgy handbook. I think there are more dragonology books, but I'm not sure. Maybe there isn't. Maybe Candlewick press can't find all of them. Well, I hate this sickness whatever it is. It might be a new undiscovered sickness.

We have a grandfather clock hanging up and it ticked only for 5 minutes. It fell of the wall at my grandmother's house and now it's beautiful but it doesn't work at all. We need to take it to the clorck shop and man I love that place.

And the leaves outside are changing color and they should have already changed colors. And the kitty likes it because the sun shines.

Bye for now.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Continued from earlier

This will be hard to say. I kinda have something sorta close to scarlet fever -- Ok, now let's make it short and simple...
I have rheumatic fever, sorta kinda. It makes having your tonsils out hurt more and heal slower. It makes me tired and it hurts to yawn. In fact it hurts to do almost anything. I've been getting lots of card and comments and stuff. That's nice. Really nice. I got special candy yesterday. And some more cards -- and inside a goody bag I got I got a special card with a gravestone on the front that says "Trick or treat" and has a ghost on the inside with some candy and it's cute. And it says "Boo".

I couldn't go Trick or treating, so people like my cousin and sister went trick or treating for me. They got me lots of candy but Daddy hid some of it this morning and he hid my Reese's which are my favorite candy of all time. I will haunt you, Daddy!! OOooooooo.

I felt really bad on Sunday and we went to the hospital and I cried a lot. And my tummy hurt. and my tongue REALLY hurts and my tastebuds have fallen off.

You don't wanna be me!

More later.