Saturday, December 17, 2005


I want you to sign in on neopets so i can git cool stuff.It's vary cool and it is free!And fun.

so long and thaks for the fish!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Neopets Cheat 505

Well if you are reading this you have found the almost-famous '505' Neopets cheat. My name is Rick Hile, and I used to work for Neopets Inc. until I was laid off because I had different viesw on where Neopets was heading. Problems with inflation, number of pets and most of all the problem with Neopets merchendising made me want to speak out. My ideas were bery different from the higher staff, I wasn't happy, and either were they, so I was fired. Now, still very angry, I would like to share how we get OUR neopoints. You see, it was too risky to just have a form to fill out where we could just get neopoints whenever we want. By the way, the whole 'How many neopoints has adam got?' is completely fake, he has way more. Anyway for staff to make neopoints we had to do a list of things, and here they are.

1) Sign up for a new account here: Make your username have a '505' in it.
2) Create a new Chomby with the number '505' in its name.
3) Go to FaerieLand and type '505' five times.
4) Open a bank account and deposit everything but 5 neopoints.
5) Play 'Guess The Card' and win 10 times, your neopoints should be 505.

That's it! At 5.05am EVERYDAY you will recieve 505,505 neopoints in your bank account.

I am angry at Neopets Inc. So let's all beat them at their own game!
- Rick Hile

Kathryn said...

Hi Entropy!
My kids used to do neopets, but I'm afraid that if I sign up my poor unsuspecting neopet might be sadly neglected, so I'd better not. But I thought I would drop in to tell you that we spent some of yesterday afternoon playing a rather cool game named, more or less, after you. It's Entropy...and involves building really wobbly structures out of wooden rods, which can only touch each other in at most 2 places.To win, you have to sit next to he person whose rod knocks the whole thing down! That was I thought of you and sent you a Christmas hug through the air. Hope you are having a wonderful time :-)

Anonymous said...

how can we join neopets,if you don't have the referal url that proves you refered us?

Anonymous said...

im so mad at peopets inc ive been on neopets for 2 years and now i cant get on 'couse im not 13 and i love to play but i for got the B_day i used so mad im at them my mom sent in email i dont care thats all i have to say athere then we have to beet them at there own game..........

hamstar_6 said...

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