Saturday, October 08, 2005

This is my first blog entry

Here's my dog Maggie. She's really cute and she likes to eat treats and jump and pant. I have a lazy cat that eats, sleeps, barfs and poops. Oh yeah and pee. I like to call her walnut head because her brain is the size of a walnut. And I have one betta fishy whose nickname is "Eatsalot" and my mom she has rabbit fur collars handing up with the pots. That's strange. Not many people have rabbit fur collars hanging up with pots. I like animals. I have only two grandparents. I have a sister named Chaos. Here's her blog.

My mommy has a llama named Tina. You do not want to know where that name came from. It a too bad joke. It's seriously horrible joke. Seriously.

Here's Maggie.

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rev mommy's entropy said...

You are a cutie!

terri c said...

Maggie is soooo cute. Took me awhile to figure out how to toss the dog treats for her.

Wandering Willow said...

I made Maggie jump up and get a treat. Extremely cute! I hope you have great fun with your blog.... I know you will!

Anonymous said...

maggie is a good girl and i like your blog

Lorna said...

hello :)

I'm a blogger-friend of your mom's. I like maggi a lot. Tell Chaos I read her post too - and the piggie is swell - but I couldn't comment there as I don't have a blogger account.

bless you both!